Volunteer at the Festival

We will soon be looking for volunteers for the 2020 festival…. To tempt yourself of the roles avalible please look below.

Welcome Team

Meeters & Greeters to the festival, helping people find their way, introducing them to how the festival works.

There to help guests in finding the festival accessible, simple and fun!


Come along to the fast paced admissions team, taking cash and card payments issuing wristbands, tokens, programmes and festival glasses.

Training provide


Recruitment of new members, a friendly face to explain what the campaign is about. Sure to be alot of intrest when they find out they get two free pints and free admission if they join with you!

Beer Team

Behind the Handpulls, it’s your role to collect the correct tokens, and issue 1/2 or 1/3 pints of beer in a festival glass.

You’re our guests beer expert for the day!

Cider Team

Guardian of the boxes and handpulls of cider. You too will be taking tokens and issuing 1/2’s or 1/3’s of cider in a festival glass.


Tech Team

If something strange with your pour, who you gonna call. THE TECH TEAM!

This role is our engineers of the festival role, expertise in dispense and cooling of Beer is a must here

But we are looking for apprentices to learn the trade!