Address: Northumbria Students’ Union, 2 Sandyford Road, NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE NE1 8SB

Use of cameras & recording equipment

No professional cameras, video cameras, tape recorders or other recording equipment will be allowed into Northumbria Students’ Union unless agreed in advance.

Venue terms & conditions

Entering Northumbria Students’ Union signifies agreement to the following:

  • Current Licensing laws are strictly enforced
  • Right of admission is reserved
  • Persons entering the venue may be subject to search – any persons found in possession of weapons of any description may be refused entry and/or the items seized will be logged and handed over to the Police
  • No professional “type” audio/visual or any digital recording equipment will be allowed into the venue
  • Persons entering the venue consent to any filming and sound recordings as members of the public
  • No re-admission policy is strictly enforced
  • No bottles, cans, alcohol or food is to be brought into the venue
  • No illegal substances may be brought into or taken on the premises- anyone caught in possession of such substances will be ejected from the premises and may be reported to the Police
  • No entry fees will be refunded following ejection or refused entry
  • Any person throwing objects (beer, glasses etc) will be removed from the building and no refund given – furthermore, customer details will be provided to the regulatory authorities should an offence be alleged to have taken place
  • Northumbria Students’ Union operates a neighbour friendly policy so please make as little noise as possible on leaving the venue

Lost property

Items found will be kept for a period of 3 months. For lost property enquiries please

Disabled facilities

Northumbria Students’ Union takes the needs of disabled customers very seriously and actively encourages people of all abilities to attend the events scheduled at our venue. The building allows wheelchair access on all floors via the lift. We do advise customers to contact us prior to the event.

Specific requests, enquiries or comments regarding access/personal needs should be made to the Northumbria Students’ Union Entertainments Team. Please call 0191 227 3762 or for any venue hire enquiry.